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Marine electronics boxSquare Edge Style Electronics Box -24" - $499Smith T top electronics boxSmith Electronics T top Box - 24" - $388Smith T top boat electronics boxDolphin T-top Electronics Box 25" - $339Taco Electronics BoxTaco Electronic Box - 31" - $550MCR Boat instrument panelMCR Deluxe Electronics Box - 24" - $395

Need an extra space for your T top stereo or electronics? These fiberglass electronics boxes come with a tinted 3/8" thick door, stainless steel hinges, marine grade 316 stainless steel latch and spring. Standard color on all instrument boxes is white. Easy drill and bolt installation to any t top or tower frame.

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Square Edges Style T top Electronics box (white or off white)
  24"W x 9"H x 14"D $499
31"W x 9"H x 12"D $614
  31"W x 11"H x 14"D $639
  36"W x 13"H x 14"D $n/a
Smith Electronics Box (white)
  24"W x 10"H x 23"D $388
  30"W x 10 "H x 15"D $n/a
MCR Deluxe Electronics Box (white or off white)
  24"W x 10"H x 14"D $395
  30"W x 10"H x 14"D $450
Taco Electronic Box (white)
  30”W x 12 1/4"H x 17" top,13" btm D


Dolphin Electronic Box (white)
  25-1/4”W x 9 3/4"H x 23" D


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